About Us

PetroGlobal Group LLC is a Texas registered Professional Engineering and Consulting Firm providing technical services and expertise in the Upstream and Downstream markets related to the Oil and Gas industry around the globe.

We began operating in 2006 as PetroGlobal Engineering, delivering value engineering and technical oversight to oil and gas owned-and-operated companies. We expanded our operations in 2018 once we entered into a partnership with Novellant Engineering Services. By delivering exceptional engineering services to the industry from 2012, Novellant has set the highest standard in the industry. The Principals of Petroglobal Group LLC are Professional Engineers with over 60 years of combined experience in the oil and gas industry.

At PetroGlobal Group LLC we have a strong commitment to delivering outstanding value to clients in all of our services. Our aim is to offer first-class technical expertise and services to the Upstream and Downstream markets.

Our Value-Based Approach

At PetroGlobal Group LLC we have the leading industry professionals and expertise, which allows us to deliver exceptional performances in all aspects of our service.

We understand the value of work experience and that allows us to identify certain tasks and meet the demands and needs of our clients. Our holistic approach ensures that there is no cost overrun and no delays in our services, while we manage to provide exceptional quality in engineering design.


Our expertise and knowledge-based approach ensures that we deliver proven, safe, and cost-effective solutions that are tailored to meet our clients’ needs. We adhere to all the internationally accepted industry Codes and Standards that are applied with the statutory regulations and rules.

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